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Fall Sale 15% off applied at check out.
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Welcome to "Audaciously You Boutique- I am Jill

Au-da-cious : showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
Bold. Yes, that’s me.
And it is my absolute PASSION to help other women feel good about themselves and to take a bolder perspective on life.
About Me: Welcome!! My name is Jillienne Holston and I am the sole owner and operator of Audaciously You Boutique! First and foremost, I would personally like to say, thank you for taking the time to read my bio and for taking the time to look at my handmade jewelry! I am a US Veteran, boy-mom, and jewelry designer. Initially, I began making jewelry in 2007, as a hobby, when my wonderful grandmother introduced me to the beautiful art. Unfortunately. also during 2007, my father unexpectedly passed away, which flipped my life upside down. After losing my father it made me want to find a way to distract myself and take up my time. So I decided to utilize the passion that I learned, which was jewelry. Fast forward to 2019, now that is roughly, 12 years later, and I am still very passionate about jewelry1 On a daily basis, I am continually attempting to learn new techniques, as well as different styles of handmade jewelry.
My Style: As the boutique name eludes, I like my jewelry to be BOLD and make statement. As women, we often hold our power inside and do not physically flaunt it for fear of judgement or rejection. Part of my mission is to inspire and empower women through to step into that power fully, and let it shine through statement fashion jewelry.
What Vision: While we are all mothers, daughters, sisters-many of us are also Boss Babes climbing the corporate ladder to obtain CEO status or entrepreneurs striving to build a name for ourselves. Whoever you are and whatever your mission, I challenge you to be BOLD in your aspirations and to DREAM BIG. And when you embody your inner power and dress the part, come check out my shop for a statement piece (or two) that speaks to you or a loved one.